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First Time Figure Competitor
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Jackie T. literally STOLE the show, sweeping up awards and taking home first place in her very first figure contest.

No dobut, she’s living proof that a total newbie can prep, compete, and even win a figure show.

It really doesn’t matter if you are 20, a newbie, or 40 years old. ALL you need is a desire, dedication, and the BEST-SELLING Figure Preparation Program around, “Figure Competition Secrets.”


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WARNING: If You Lose More Than 5 Pounds Of Fat The First Week Please Contact Our Support Team So Adjustements Can Be Made To Your Program.



Karen Sessions gives away an INSANE amount of figure competition diet, workout, supplement and peak week information.

I bought her Gold Package and the killer training is absolutely FREAKY INTENSE and I saw results the first week. In all honesty, if you are pinching penny’s, investing in her eBook is the best investment because it cost less than entering a figure contest.



Lisa De LaRosa- Total Newbie – First Time Figure Competitor
Rocks the Stage!


“Figure Competition Secrets” is the BEST figure contest guide around!

It tailored my diet, cardio and training specifically to my goals. I started to see results within the first 3 weeks.

I was so thrilled with the progress I was making. In a matter of months I literally saw myself transform. I am very happy and I feel and look better than I ever have.

A BIG thanks for Karen Sessions – Figure Coach for her amazing eBook, “Figure Competition Secrets.”

Lisa De LaRosa




With This Prep System…

You WILL be mentally and physically charged each and every day with adrenalin just pulsating through your veins. You will literally jump out of bed, eager to get to your figure prep training to sculpt your body.
You WILL see changes on a weekly basis. These easy, weekly physical changes will also serve as a motivator to keep you on track, continually pushing forward pain-free to create YOUR winning figure body.
Your confidence WILL build each week and eventually soar. You will know the feeling of being in total control of your figure prep diet, training, cardio, posing, and life as your confidence grows and your body transforms.
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June 21, 2013

From the desk of: Karen Sessions – Figure Coach, NSCA-CPTcoached-karen
Author of: “Figure Competition Secrets”

Dear Figure Competitor,

You have dedicated yourself to eating right and exercising to get a hard and fit physique. You workout diligently every day, yet never really see your dreams of a figure-ready body in the near future. Right?

Admit it. You are tired of devoting all your time and energy into your figure program that’s not yielding results. You watch others transform, but you can’t seem to find that one right figure training program that will transform your body.

Hey… I’m Karen Sessions – Figure Coach and I’ve been in your shoes before. I started working out to gain some weight. That’s right. It was my recovery to beat my mild eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa. I was always a runt, the smallest one in my class, and being Anorexic and getting thin as a rail didn’t make things much better. I was always known as half-pint, shrimp… You know all those types of comments. karen-blue

Thankfully, weight training saved my life. I was able to put on necessary lean muscle and started building my strength. Just that simple task changed my physique so much and started getting me good and positive attention.

Then guess what happened. Yep, I went to a local bodybuilding competition and you know what happened from there. I wanted to compete in a physique show, too. I went back to the gym Monday morning with a new set of goals, to prep for my first physique show. What I didn’t expect was the comments and laughter at my efforts. No one had faith in me and I was told I couldn’t do it.

Mistake #1… Don’t tell me I can’t do something because I’ll prove you wrong! And, that’s exactly what I did. Now, I didn’t get first place my first show, but after dabbling with various competition diets, training, and cardio tactics, I did get on a winning streak for a few years, racking up tons of first places and overalls.

I spent years competing consecutively, dabbling with many forms of contest dieting to unlock the code to getting that Perfect Competition Body with Full Muscle Bellies and Fine Muscle Detail. I read, researched, used trial and error, used myself as a guinea pig…You name it, I gave it an honest whirl.

Guess what, I was able to SUCCESSFULLY decode the body fat problem to create the perfect figure prep system to keep the muscle while the fat melts off. Other “coaches” will say the same thing, but my eBook has been around for 9 years now and I have all the data to back it up. I jam-packed all that information into an easy-to-read eBook, “Figure Competition Secrets”, guaranteed to bring you the same great results for your competition.

Just imagine the power you can have with my precise figure prep dieting techniques I used to prepare and win so many physique shows.

Let me be honest with you. You have worked too hard for too long. If you had the complete, A to Z Figure Prep System… Well, you could make your dreams come true in half the time, a fraction of the cost, and with a lot less stress! Oh yeah girl… You know what I’m talking about.



Angie M. – Karen, I WON Everything, Qualified for Nationals, And Going for my Pro Card!

angie-beforeangie-after“I won everything! I won First in Master Short and then Master Overall and then I won First in Novice Short and then Novice Overall. It was amazing… Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without your eBook, “Figure Competition Secrets”. No doubt about it. I did great. I felt great on stage and showed off my hard work.

Another former figure competitor was friends with some of the judges and she said they “were really complimentary of me”. They wanted to make sure she told me to do the Kentucky Muscle Show in Louisville Kentucky, because it’s a National Qualifier.”

Thanks SO MUCH!
Angie M.


“I’ve been competing for about 3 years and I’ve done so-so. I bought your “Figure Competition Secrets” eBook and I must say it’s DA BOMB! With the information in “Figure Competition Secrets” and the “techniques” suggested for peak week, I’ve placed higher than ever before in my NPC shows this season. In fact, I got my first 1st place!

Thank you SOOOO much for sharing your knowledge and experience.”

Jessica K

Hi Karen,

“I am a figure competitor who has purchased your “Figure Competition Secrets” eBook and I love it. I have been training for quite some time now, and competed in previous years in the NPC and placed 2nd and 3rd. However, I recently got the itch to get back on stage (took time off to have my beautiful children)… I was searching for more information on how to change my training, on advice, that is when I found you online. I used the Killer Training Program you offer in your Gold Package and let me tell you at the end… leg day… 30 reps… was truly a killer!!! But, I got thru it and I am happy to say that I won 1st place in the FAME ATLANTIC CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! :) I wanted to first of all say thank you!!! I also am now on my way to Florida to compete for my pro card — :)”

Kimberly M.

Hi Karen,

“Thank you for your eBook! I started at “Figure Competition Secrets” at 142 pounds and 23% body fat. Now, 11 weeks later I weigh 128 pounds at 14% body fat… That’s a loss of 15 pounds of fat and I even GAINED a pound of MUSCLE!

I love the entire “Figure Competition Secrets” eBook. I would not be where I am today with out it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Tashia S.

The Difference With Me Is,
I Know What WORKS, What Doesn’t — And WHY!
And I’ve Got A Ton Of References To Back That Up….

It doesn’t matter if you are a total newbie
It doesn’t matter if you are over 25% body fat
It doesn’t matter if you are over 40
It doesn’t matter if you think you have bad genetics

I squeezed out ALL the figure dieting and training strategies and then squeezed some more, leaving out all the fluff… I wanted 100% PURE Strategies… And after YEARS of trial and error I found the EXACT figure prep recipe to make a complete figure transformation! Every single tip, tactic, and technique I share has been ruthlessly TESTED and PROVEN to work

for hundreds of figure athletes – Just Like You!



25 Year Fitness Veteran Exposes Secrets to Figure Prep Success and How to Win!


Download the ENTIRE Figure Prep System – Training, Dieting, Cardio, Supplements, Posing, Judging, Skin Prep, All The Way to Peak-Week And Post-Comp!


Figure Prep Diet

Did You Know That 90% of The Figure Competitors Prepping For A Figure Contest Are Dieting Completely Wrong, Losing Hard-Earned Muscle And Placing Low….

YOUR figure prep diet is the foundation to winning your competition. I witness it all the time, ladies preparing for their figure contest using free diets they found online by an unknown source or diets written by men who have no clue as to how a woman’s body functions in regards to fat loss. The usually end up losing a lot of muscle and appear strung-out and rail-thin on stage.


A figure competitor that does her homework has low body fat and full muscles. You don’t have to crash diet to create a figure-ready body. A properly structured figure diet takes you though phases in the diet, slowly lowering calories and carbs to attain the desired low body fat, all the while keeping lean muscle.

  • Discover the 3 ESSENTIAL foods you NEED to steer clear of 4 weeks prior your contest!

  • Find out how to create meals for YOUR body that burn fat and keep lean muscle.

  • Find out how to lower calories when needed so you burn body fat and keep all your lean muscle.

  • Discover how many carbs and how much protein you need for your stats and body fat goal.

  • Find out how to precisely determine how long it will take you to meet your desired body fat percentage.

  • Discover 7 crucial tips lose fat and build muscle during your figure prep process.
  • Get lists of figure prep foods and condiments you can eat that won’t cause fat gain or water retention.





f you are Planning to Enter a Figure Competition, Be SURE You are NOT Making Costly Mistakes!

Get THE Figure Contest “Insider Lessons” Used by the IFBB Figure Pros…


Figure Pro on Fahrenheit’s Commercial – Used and Approves “Figure Competition Secrets”

NPC and WNBF Figure Pro, Fitness Model, and Actor in Fahrenheit’s commercial.


Ms. Buffalo Overall Winner

“Karen, thank you so much I’m so excited to work with you. You are the best person I have really worked with on my diet. Your guidance has lead me to first place and overall”

Jelena Djordjevic
WNBF Pro Figure Competitor
IFBB Pro Figure Competitor




Figure Prep Training and Cardio

Learn Figure Training Principles That Allow You to KEEP Muscle And Lose Body Fat… AT THE SAME TIME!

My figure prep training program is precisely developed to build and shape your muscles, all the while burning off ugly, nasty body fat.

Your figure training should include exercises that build and develop your muscles. Your training should include compound exercises as well as isolation exercises for a well-rounded physique.

IFBB Figure Pros recommend hardcore weight training to build and keep lean muscle mass. The muscle foundation you build will support your figure prep diet and cardio you can lose fat and keep as much muscle as possible.

Learn High-Intensity Cardio Formats To Use To Continually Melt Body Fat Like Butter…

Lower your body fat so your muscle shines though with cardio programs specifically designed to target nasty fat.

You will be surprised at how your diet and carido work hand-in-hand to get the fat moving right off your body. You will see and feel changes in the first week.

Others will be blown away and your competition will be fearful.

  • Get butt-kicking workouts to build jaw-dropping muscles the judges drool for..

  • Get updated training splits and workouts through every phase of your prep.
  • Learn how to properly group body parts so you take full advantage of your training.

  • Discover the 7 fundamentals of a quality figure training progra.

  • Have 4 printable figure training workouts sent to you all 3 months of your figure prep (pdf downloads).

  • Get the inside scoop on 3 ways you can keep your workouts mixed up and fun.

  • Find out how you can overcome cardio adaptation and continually burn body fat throughout your figure prep.

  • Discover 3 secret cardio plateau busters, guaranteed to get your body to start melting body fat again.

  • Discover cardio format variations to keep your body off guard so you always burn body fat.

  • Find out how to side-step the most popular cardio myth and make it burn fat for you wiht one simple step.

I WON And Got Muscle Media Magazine Coverage!


“You were so instrumental in helping me achieve many fitness goals. You helped me tremendously in my efforts to compete.

I won Ms. Fitness Texas and Ms. Figure Gulf Coast and I made the cover of Muscle Media and I’m also featured in Energy Magazine.”

Thank You!

Heather Robinson

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Figure Prep Supplements

Find Out All Natural Supplement Secrets the Figure Pros Use to to Boost Fat Loss and Build Muscle…

If you are planning to compete in a figure contest you may choose to supplement with natural and legal sports supplements to boost the nutrients going to your muscles to help you retain muscle and lose fat.

It’s important to be aware of sports supplements advertised in muscle mags and websites. Many flashy supplements are in affiliation with magazines and websites to boost profits.

There are good quality supplement companies and products, and knowing which companies are quality with pure ingredient procuts will make sure you are giving your body what it needs to keep muscle and strip off body fat.

My “Figure Competition Secrets” Step-by-Step program completely outlines ALL the high-quality supplements you will need in your figure preparation plan. You don’t have to worry about which supplements you need. I can show you the best of the best!

My program explains the top supplements you can benefit from in laymen terms along with suggested dosage. I can even show you a cool way of getting your figure sports supplements as JUST A FRACTION OF THE RETAIL COST!

Your guessing days are over. I have it all layed out in my IFBB Figure Pro Approved Program… “Figure Competition Secrets.”


  • Learn which supplements you should take for fat loss and the proper time you need to stop taking them.

  • Find which supplements you need to omit so you show up nice and dry for your show.

  • Get the inside tips the BEST muscle maintenance supplements to use in your figure prep.

  • Find out the most widely used supplements… but you should stop taking it 4 weeks before your show.

  • Gain access to insider information on a GREAT muscle preserving supplement, but commonly overlooked. Guaranteed to save a lot of muscle under intense training and dieting.

  • Find out the BEST fat burning supplements to take to mobilized and burn fat your last 6 weeks.

  • Get tips about an interesting supplement to burn off lower body fat.

  • Discover a COOL supplement that burns off belly fat.

  • Learn about an all natural supplement that will cut cravings, reduce insulin sensitivity, and prevent carbs from being stored as fat.

  • Get inside access to SECRET insider data on how to get your supplements absolutely dirt cheap.


First Place Open – Class D


Click Here for The Exact Same Program Kimberly Used!

“I purchased your eBook at week 6 prior to my first show and as you can see it helped me prepare for my first show successfully.

I took a 2nd place trophy in the 2009 Orange County Muscle Classic for the Masters 35+ Tall and 3rd for the Open D Class, very graciously considering 1st and 2nd went to a 27 and 30 year old and I am 43.

Six months later, with continual prep from Figure Competition Secrets, I placed 1st in Open Class D and 2nd in Masters 35+ Tall in the Border Stats Classic.

Your eBook and its information were invaluable….right down to how to prepare my “tan”…..thanks so much.”

Kimberly D.



Peak Week – What Others Won’t Tell You…

Learn The Tactics On How To “Dry Out” And “Dial-In” For Peak Week For A Polished Physique With Full Muscle Bellies And Cutting Definition…

Prepping for a figure contest isn’t a cake walk, it’s WORK and it can be downright frightening if you have never even done it before. Many competitors their figure prep questions on forums with an array of conflcting answers.

You cannot possibly prep and be ready for a figure show with 20 different suggestions.

To prep for your show you need REAL information from a REAL competitor, PROVEN to work. Wouldn’t it be so easy to just click though an eBook for all your figure prep questions, from where to start all the way to peak week?

WARNING! If your trainer or coach suggests that you don’t need to carb-deplete or carb-load you need to RUN the other way. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PEAK WITHOUT MANIPULATING CARBS AND/OR WATER. it is ESSENTIAL that you deplete and load your carbs… HOWEVER you must time this process precisely for it to be effective…

You can have that figure contest-winning physique you can be proud of with the quick and easy dieting tips and tactics I present. That’s right… I break all the rules and let you in on little tactics such as how to pull water from under your skin and push it into the muscle cell, increasing your muscle size, hardness, pump, vascularity, all the while making you leaner! This is NOT meant to side-step good figure dieting and getting lean. It’s a tactic used at the last minute to super compensate your muscles and blow away the competition!

  • Find out how to get super low body fat and get that paper thin skin that the judges are looking for.

  • Find out when to start your figure diet and how to tweak it as you go along.

  • Learn about carb-depleting and -loading, step-by-step process of when and how to start so you are defined for your contest.

  • Learn about supplements you SHOULD AVOID peak week so you don’t retain water for your show.

  • Get a printable list of food items to take with you to your show to make certain you keep your physique tight.

  • Find out how to execute the water manipulation process peak week to hydrate your muscles, while removing the water from under your skin.

  • Have the insider information on how to avoid water retention on competition day with natural remedies.

  • Get an exact outline of what to eat the night prior your figure show to prepare you for pre-judging.

  • Discover the exact time of what to eat the morning of your figure show to bring your muscles in full and tight for pre-judging


ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Figure Pro & Fitness Model
Jennifer Kline – 1st Place Figure IronMan

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate your eBook “Figure Competition Secrets” for my figure prep diet. 

I’m preparing for my first Figure event and your eBook offers the most comprehensive information I have found on the net.  You are such a valuable resource for those who have the dream to compete.  Thank you!  

Jennifer Kline
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Scottsdale, AZ  

Click Here for IMMEDIATE Access to Figure Prep Peak Week Secrets!


Figure Judging – What Are The Judges Looking For?

Get Inside Tips On What The Judges Are Looking For And How You Can Stand Out From The Rest And Bring Home The Trophy…

When it comes to judging a lot can be said for how a lady prepares. Do you know that most figure competitors SCORE LOWER than they should and LOSE POINTS for ONE MAIN REASON… They POSE WRONG!!

Something as SIMPLE as you stage presentation can make or break you. I have seen some great physiques on stage fall short and not place well due to their stage presence.

What if you could look, feel, and be 100% totally confident your first time stepping and walking across that figure stage? Feel the energy of how the audience is in awe of you, wishing they could be in your place.

When you are on stage, you own it, so you need to have your confidence lined-up well in advance.

My Figure Prep Program show you how to AVOID THE POSING PITFALLS and do each pose the CORRECTLY, just like the judges are looking for! Figure Competition Secrets outlines, in full detail, how to master stage presence, as well as posing, transitions, and quarter turns.

You get the benefit of having all the detailed facts right at your fingertips to put you at the top of your class.

  • Learn stage presence that will put you in a higher placement than the rest in your class.

  • Get tips and tricks on poses and how to enhance each to make your physique appear more muscular and defined.

  • Discover little transition secrets to propel you above the rest in the line up.

  • Learn the key pose that can make or break you if you are not aware of it or how to execute it.




Figure Posing Suits, Shoes, Tanning, Skin Dyes, Oils, And Spray Tan…

Get The Inside Details About How To Choose Your Figure Posing Suits And Shoes To Highlight Your Physique…

Your posing suit style and color, as well as your shoes are critical aspect to competing on the figure stage. The right suits and shoes will highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses.

Just imagine having the perfect suit style, color, and heels to top off your finely detailed physique you worked so hard for. You could most certainly stand out from the rest with the suit and matching heels.

Figure Competition Secrets gives you a colorful suit chart to match up with your personal hair color and skin tone. You will also get a full list of places to shop for that perfect swimsuit.

Learn About Tanning, Skin Dyes, Oils, And Total Skin Preparation For That Perfect Color…

What’s a tight and fit body on stage without a tan and some skin dye? There is some detail that comes along with skin preparation for that total package look, everything from shaving and waxing to exfoliating and painting.

You will be amazed and shocked at the detail most people put into their contest prep, but leave the important stuff like tanning and oils to the wayside.

Think about how the perfect skin color would highlight your physique, make you appear leaner, tighter, and more muscular. Imagine how, with the right color properly applied, can make YOU stand out from the rest in the line-up.

You can have the advantage by preparing your body AND skin correctly. No second guessing. You will have all the details at your fingertips.

  • Find out little shaving tricks you can implement to help you look better and place better in your figure show.

  • Learn when to tan, how much, and what form for that perfect color on stage.
  • Get the secret tip on when to cease tanning for an ultra ripped physique on stage.

  • Learn about supplement to give you a deeper and richer skin color.

  • Find out the best skin dyes to use and which ones to avoid!

  • Discover a little ProTan trick to make it go further and make you darker.

  • Learn how to finish off your physique with the ultimate bronzer.

  • Learn about the perfect, unconventional, posing oil loved by the judges.

  • Get the facts about this oil and be sure to stay away from it… it could make your physique look horrible on stage!

  • Be Aware… Missing THIS important element can get you disqualified!

  • Implement this little tactic to keep your competition wondering about you.

  • Do NOT pump-up THIS body part, or it could cost you the show!


41 Year Young Figure & Fitness Competitor

“I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all your tips, diet plans and coaching. I have had a heck of a year personally and you’ve stuck by me the whole time. :) I am in the best condition of my life using your figure prep guide!

I love all your email tips, I have printed them all and put them in a book to refer to. I have read the Figure Competition Secrets eBook a few times. Love it! You have been a real inspiration for me. Thank you!!!

Barb S.


Backstage Secrets… What To Do And What NOT To Do

Peek Behind The Curtain And Discover The Backstage Tips and Tactics to WIN Your Figure Contest…

We’re not done yet. Once you make it to the auditorium where your competition will be held, there is a lot that goes on backstage. It can get crazy insane back there with people shuffling and buzzing around. A total newbie could be COMPLETELY LOST… Unless you are prepared.

Not only that, did you know there are certain little things you can nibble on backstage, prior to getting on stage, to bring out vascularity, and even make you harder?


  • Find out cool supplements you can take before you walk on stage to help redistribute water, creating a harder and denser muscles with full muscle bellies.

  • NEVER over-pump before you step on stage. Learn how to pump-up correctly backstage.

  • NEVER EVER pump-up THIS body part backstage!!

  • Learn this secret trick passed down by the IFBB Figure and Fitness Pros to make your legs more detailed (Natural and Easy)



Pat and Bridgette Both WON First Place their very first figure show, and Won OVERALL! Find out what they did to be a figure success and replicate it!
Get Pat’s EXACT Step-By-Step Figure Prep Program NOW



Now… Isn’t It Time You Got The Figure Prep Secrets?

How much do you think you would have to pay to receive 25 years of figure prep information that others are unwilling to share? It’s more than just diets… This is a working figure prep system, designed to keep and even build muscle mass while you melt off stubborn body fat… totally transforming your physique and making you contest ready.


Considering the amount of time put into this system, and amount of quality information, a couple of hundred dollars invested wouldn’t be unreasonable.

This IS a NO-FAIL Figure Competition Prep System to transform your body and make you contest ready with proven techniques and strategies… But relax, you won’t have to pay near that amount to receive this prep information.

The asking retail price is $97.

However, if you order RIGHT NOW you can take full advantage of my special introductory offer and simply pay $47. That’s a savings $50 off the standard price of $97.00!

Nope. That wasn’t a typo. You will pay a mere $47 and receive this amazing figure prep system to whip you into shape and give you a prize-winning physique.

But, you must hurry… This special introductory offer will not last long. This information is much too valuable and too much in demand to keep it at this insane low price!

So ACT NOW before it’s too late…

Oh, did I mention that you get 12 Full Weeks of PRINTABLE Figure Prep Training included in this eBook? Yep, a training program precisely outlined to keep your muscle, burn your body fat, keep training interesting, and changes every 3-4 weeks.

Plus… Get 12 Full Weeks of Figure Prep Training!



PLUS… You wll receive 1 Full Year of FREE e-mail support! Valued at $220.


The information inside this eBook is priceless. It has transformed many top-level physiques. Clients pay me top dollar for the information you are about to receive.

Remember… This system will sell for $97.00, but you can have it RIGHT NOW at a special introductory price of just $47.

That’s right. The cost it takes to fill-up your car will give you 20 years of research, experience, and personal trial and error.





By ordering right now you get IMMEDIATE activation to Figure Competition Secrets, AND I will also give you 8 Bonus Reports at a $160 value to further excel your figure prep diet and training and competitive endeavors.

Valued $160… Yours today at no extra cost!


This is an UNBEATABLE offer!!


Your 8 Bonus Reports

Bonus Report #1 – Packing for your Figure Contest ($19.97 Value)

This professional report is a checklist to ensure you are more than 100% prepared for your target date. This detailed list will have you prepared from head to toe. The more prepared you are before the contest, the more prepare you are to win!

Bonus Report #2 – A Fitness Inspiration and Success ($19.97 Value)

This report is a fascinating interview with my first e-client, Heather Robinson. After I lead her to victory in winning her first Fitness Contest, she went on to win more Fitness and Figure shows. She continued on the fitness path and even made it successful in Fitness Modeling, where she is featured on the cover of the November/December 2003 Issue of Muscle Media.

Bonus Report #3 – A Journey From Fat to Fit ($19.97 Value)

Read this up close and personal interview with an amazing fat to fit athlete, Lauri Rothberg. Journey through Lauri’s trials and tribulations on her quest to compete in a figure comp after deciding being over 200 pounds was ENOUGH! She is quite the inspiration. Read her intriguing story right here!

Bonus Report #4 – Interview with Gabrielle Reilly ($19.97 Value)

This is fascinating interview with a mesmerizing lady, Gabrielle Reilly. Gabrielle is a Fitness Model, Figure Competitor, Diplomat, Public Speaker, and Political Commentator. She is a true inspiration to anyone!

Bonus Report #5 – Fitness Modeling 101 ($19.97 Value)

This exclusive report covers all the basics to getting started in a Fitness Modeling career. Learn how to self-promote yourself and avoid the pitfalls. Get the basics of getting started and advancing in Fitness Modeling!

Bonus Report #6 – Interview with Diane Matt ($19.97 Value)

This unique report is an interview with Diane Matt, a 35 year old first time competitor and future Fitness Model. She is the real deal on how it’s never too late to make your dreams in to a reality. Read her sensational interview right here!

Bonus Report #7 – Swimsuit and Costume Cleaning ($19.97 Value)

You spent hard-earned money for fitness your costume and your posing suit. Don’t let competition dyes and glues ruin it. Get the detailed information on how to properly clean it so you can reuse it or sell it for what it’s really worth. Get your monies worth out of all your competition gear!

Bonus Report #8 – Managing Stress ($19.97 Value)

Dieting and preparing for a contest isn’t easy, and all the stress that comes along with it causes water retention. This illuminating report covers how to manage stress and prevent those unsightly side-effects. Lean how to balance your life and contest preparation in this eye-opening report.


After this introductory special of $47, the bonus reports will be eliminated and FCS will be sold for $97.


The above is a combined value of $396, but you can get it ALL right now for just $47!




P.S. – Remember, hundreds of women are now transforming their bodies simply by using my proven system outlined in FCS. You can be a success, too! You can have the same exact body transformation system, but only if you take action now.

P.P.S. – This truly is a limited time offer and $47 is the absolute lowest price I will be offering it. You can come back tomorrow only to find the price of this program has been changed to it’s original set price of $97.

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